Monday, September 25, 2006

Kim Protasov's Diet. The Best Start For Healthy Eating

Pluses and minuses of the Protasov’s diet

- Protasov’s diet does not limit the amount of the food you can eat. It is the most advantage of the Protasov’s diet and it is very good from the psychological point of view - to sustain such diet is easier, than many other things;
– Protasov’s diet repairs a metabolism, helps it to performance in the optimum level. Due to the absence of the carbs with high Glycaemic Index (GI), the functioning of pancreas is normalised and helps to eliminate the sugar addiction;
– the diet supplies the sufficient amount of proteins with milk food as well as calcium;
- Protasov’s diet suggests to eat a lot of non-starch vegetables that are vitamins, minerals, fiber and microelements. It is nourishing, healthy and improves how the intestines work. But you should eat maximum amounts of vegetables. The diet won’t work if you will eat a couple kilograms of white cheese or drink three litres of kefir per day without vegetables;
– the amount of the fat is limited, but fat is not avoided, and this is very good;
– one minus of the Protasov’s diet is the diet monotony during the first 2 weeks.

The diet of Protasov

The first, second, third day… and during the first week: you can eat only fresh, uncooked veggies, and also cheese and yoghurts (and the other sour-milk products such as kefir, cottage cheese, soft cottage cheese) which have a fat content of 0.1 to 5 percentage. Plus one boiled egg per day is allowed. You can eat any amount of milk products (within the fat range) and any amount of vegetables. You may drink tea, coffee (without sugar of course) as much as you want. A little sad? OK, you can add 3 big green apples to your plan every day. Try cheese and hard boiled egg toppings for your vegetable salads.

You can eat in the morning, day, evening, night – the whole week. And in the same way the second week. Surprisingly, but from second week, your desire to eat something wrong will decrease. By the end of the second week you will feel extraordinary lightness in all body and … in your mind.

From the beginning of the third week you have to add to vegetables and cheeses a piece (300 grams) of a ;meat, a poultry or a fish. Please, reduce cheeses and yoghurts a little. Vegetables, cheeses, meat, an egg and apples you eat three more weeks. And all! In three weeks after the beginning of a diet your colleagues and family will be amazed with your new, rapidly changing figure. The forth and fifth weeks are the period of the most intensive weight loss process.

After the five weeks diet you should carefully return the products into your eating plan.
First, add the vegetable oil to the salads. Next, change the apples with the other fruits. Start to eat sugar-free cereals (whole grain cereal is the best choice) for breakfast. Add more animal proteins with lean meat, e.t.c

Protasov’s diet is the very good for the first step to the new, healthy eating life, it helps to become free from the sugar addiction. You should use this diet only if you feel that such diet plan is not impossible for you.

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